What is “The Change Agent’s Guide”?

Any would-be change agent must look at what they are doing in two ways, CONTENT and PROCESS.

  • CONTENT is what we want to get done,  
  • PROCESS is how we get there, the set of actions we need to take to get it done.  

The Guide is about PROCESS, the social technology of getting those things done that we want to get done.  It sets out:

  • steps and sub-steps,
  • alternative strategies,
  •  common errors and pitfalls,
  •  frameworks for understanding what we are doing
  • ways to measure our progress toward the ends that we hope for.

The Guide should allow you to: 

  • Know where you are now positioned in a starting or an ongoing innovation process, within a complex social environment
  • Understand the range of hazards, needs, and opportunities within that complex environment
  • Operate rationally and effectively within the constraints and opportunities of that setting
  • Recognize the alternative roles and skill sets required to facilitate desired change at all levels