Stage 6.9  RENEW


Stage 6 could be called "introduction to the advanced course in change gentry." We are getting into some of the tougher and more complex problems of engaging in any type of change activity:

  • system change vs. item change,
  • continuous change,
  • change subsystems within systems.

There is a lot more to tell. Most of the subtleties are yet to come. They have been written about in many sources.

What we have dubbed "Stage 6" is not exactly a “stage.”

 It is

  • an end point,
  • a new beginning and
  • a whole new series of stages all rolled into one.

We have tried to develop the concept of system self-renewal and suggest ways in which the change agent can move the client toward a self-renewal capacity. In a final brief section we have also explored some of the problems related to the act of disengagement, the final termination of the relationship with the client.