Stage 6.1  Repeating the Cycle

The most primitive form of renewal is repetition. Now that you and the client system have coursed through one change effort successfully, you should be able to do it again. This time, however, you and they should be able to do it better. You know more about the system and its concerns (Stage 0). You have a better idea of what are really the important concerns and underlying needs, and you probably have a rough sense of their priority, both from your point of view and your clients.

You know each other better and the various members of the system know better how to relate to one another in the context of solving mutual problems (Stage 1) Skills at examining problems and defining them in ways that invite solution are now somewhat honed (Stage 2). Search strategies have been developed to acquire new knowledge and assemble resources that can now be applied to other concerns (Stage 3). Experience and confidence in taking positive action on your first trial have been gained so that the next innovation tried and the next trial effort should be less daunting (Stage 4).

And, having worked on the extension and spread of the first change project, you and your clients may be primed to do the same and better for a next project, expanding the innovation and its effects to more users over a longer period of time (Stage 5).