Stage 5.5  Orchestrating A Multimedia Program

One medium among those listed above may be just right for one particular audience at one point in time, but this does not constitute a total program for gaining the acceptance of the client system as a whole. A complete program will inevitably require the use of several different media approaches to reach various groups with the kinds of messages they are ready to hear. Four principal considerations should enter into your planning for a multimedia program:

  1. Think of the types of people you wish to reach. What kinds of media are they accustomed to, and what kinds will they respond to?
  2. Plan to use appropriate media for different stages of individual acceptance. (See again Figure 5-1 and accompanying discussion.)
  3. Plan to use different media appropriate to reach different key individuals (the innovators, resisters, and leaders discussed in this chapter).
  4. Build redundancy into your program. Never assume that anybody gets the message the first time. Review it with them again and again via different media.