Stage 5.4  Gaining Wider Acceptance

Diffusion Strategies and Tactics

Gaining acceptance of innovations is, in large part, a matter of effective communication. If you can get the right message across to the right people in the right way, acceptance will follow. But this is not a simple matter. Communication is a complicated process, which is strongly influenced by the personality of both the senders and receivers, the message and the medium.


Choosing the right medium for the right job

To be an effective communicator you cannot limit yourself to one medium. You should be aware of the possibilities of various methods of presentation and you should be prepared to use several in combination as circumstances warrant. Of the six types discussed below, three (written-oral presentation, digital, and demonstrations) are primarily one-way media; they allow you to send a message to your clients but they do not allow them to send any counter-message to you. The other types, person-to-person, group discussion, and training events are two-way media; they give the clients a chance to tell you what their needs and their objections are. The best type of program probably has both one-way and two-way media in various combinations, but it is important to recognize at the outset that one-way media, by themselves, rarely provide an adequate vehicle for gaining acceptance of innovation.

5.4.1 Written and oral presentations

5.4.2 Video and film

5.4.3 Demonstrations

5.4.4 Person-to-person contacts

5.4.5 Group discussions

5.4.6 Conferences, workshops, and training events

 5.4.7 Orchestrating a multimedia program*

Each of these seven deserves its own further analysis.