Stage 5.4.2  Video and Film

Because of the many drawbacks to the traditional written and oral message forms, we have seen a trend in recent years toward carefully packaged audio-visual presentations of which the TV commercial is perhaps the most notorious. Such presentations are primarily effective in creating awareness and perhaps interest. At their worst, tape presentations are simply lectures on tape, but if the medium is used to its best advantages various visual effects can be created to make the message more attractive.

Videos only work if the producer invests a tremendous amount of time, money, and creative energy in the production. Most change agents will not have the resources to make their own videos, but it is well worth a check to see if any videos are available that might help introduce the innovation to the client system in an interesting and lively way. If videos are available, it is always wise to preview to make sure production quality is high before you risk exposure to a large or important audience.

Some videos are also useful as a means of getting a group started on thinking about its problems. It is sometimes possible to make videos on site in the client system itself, to illustrate various problems. In any case, videos should almost always be used in conjunction with group discussion (see next section) and as a prelude and stimulus to group interaction on the problem or the situation.