Stage 4.0  Types of Change in Focus

Change projects typically will have a focus, a particular change idea or innovation that the receiving system will be expected to adopt.  The range of focus types can be classified as:

  1. narrow- single product or behavior ->> single subgroup or groups
  2. narrow- single product or behavior ->> system-wide
  3. broad set of products or behaviors ->> single subgroup or groups
  4. broad set of products or behaviors ->> system wide
  5. fundamental  transformation ->> specific subgroup (e.g. “management”)
  6. fundamental transformation of the system as a whole, redirection, reformation

 There is a rich quantitative research literature regarding the diffusion and adoption of specific innovations, much of it filed under the heading, “marketing.” When considering a specific product (e.g. a new movie) and a specified audience (e.g. “consumers, moviegoers”), there are fairly clear and established roads to success and the problem-solving steps are relatively obvious. Indeed, we can trace the steps from ‘care’ to ‘try’ to ‘extend’ and the box office receipts tell the story of success or failure. That is why focus #1 and #2 are easy to understand as a process, even though they are not necessarily easy to accomplish.

The challenge of #1 is to get through the process to have a good product that is good for that particular person or group

The challenge of #2 is to go from the one to the many, employing appropriate media

The challenge of #3, 4, 5, & 6 is to build a change team with linkages to all levels of the system and to create a coherent message which reflects a sensitivity to the complexity of the client system and the need to  acknowledge the importance of each stage in the process.