Stage 3.5   Acquire


In Stage 3 we have provided an overview of the many considerations involved in adopting a sensible and economical resource acquisition strategy for system problem solving.

The change agent and the client system must decide:

  • how much time,
  • how much money,
  • how much energy and effort

they can or should devote to hunting and acquiring resources of various kinds to work on the problems at hand.

This search must be weighed against the goals they wish to achieve and their purposes for embarking on the process.

When you are spending time, money, and energy on resource acquisition, you should always have a reasonably clear idea of why you are doing it, especially if your purpose is something other than maintaining "awareness."

If you are too broad and loose in defining your needs and in defining relevance, you will be swamped with information you cannot use.

On the other hand, if you define your information needs too narrowly, you may overlook some of the critical facts that are required to make problem-solving and innovating effective and beneficial.

In a knowledge universe which is expanding rapidly, change agents and their clients need to develop the capacity to plug in and to home in on the contents of this universe whenever and wherever they need help.