Stage 1.5.1   Assembling Your Change Team

Lone wolf status is not good for a change project even if you think you are smarter than everyone else and know better what to do and how to do it than anyone else. Even just a two-person team is better than a lone wolf.

Quantity: depends on change magnitude. The more ambitious and all consuming the change contemplated, the larger and stronger your change team will have to be

Quality: Expertise, Credentials, Experience

Insider Credibility: Knows and is liked by many insiders

Insider Connectedness

  • To authority (if you are not “the boss”)
  • To lower levels of the system (especially if you are “the boss.”

Outside connectedness

  • To power
  • To financial resources, potential,  in place, short-long

Relevant demographics: age, sex, identity, affiliation

Experience within the system

Experience with change and the adoption of innovations in other systems, other change projects, same content, different contents