Stage 0.6  Social Sectors and their Different CARES

All change efforts are embedded in specific sectors of society even though   sometimes the concern is so pervasive or overwhelming  that it spills over from one sector to another, even engulfing the entire society.

Every sector has been studied as a target for change action and change strategies over the last century.


Probably the most thoroughly studied sector and this is where “change agent” started more than a century ago. Every county in the United States came to have a specialist assigned to provide new information on best practices in agriculture, usually based on research coming out of the land grant universities and their experimental farm stations.

Rural sociologists started studying how new practices, “innovations,” spread from one farm to another and eventually became established practices.

Productivity per acre has always been a major concern but soil and water management and every imaginable function and problem involved in rural living  and working became part of the domain for these pioneer agents.

They thus became a model for change agents in other sectors and the system of agricultural “extension” has been imitated throughout the world, a major factor in the increasingly successful fight to feed the hungry.


The biggest concern of all businesses might at first glance appear to be survivability or profitability, which is often simply defined down as “the bottom line.” Yet it is truly much more complicated. All businesses, large or small, are set to function within a much larger social environment which includes  its own workers and managers, its clients or customers, its shareholders, its competitors, and various governments. The CARE target may emerge in any one of these relations, and each presents its own change process issues. Nevertheless the change agent process of The Guide applies to each area of concern within the business world.

Education: Higher and Life-Long: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Financial stress:
    • on institutions
    • on students and families
  • Modernizing curricula
  • Matching community needs and requirements


Education: Elementary and Secondary: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Standards
  • Underserved, cities, rural areas
  • The poorest
  • Crumbling infrastructure
  • Immigrants, minorities

Government: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Choosing leadership
  • Serving publics
  • Fulfilling missions
  • Revenues, budgets, and spending
  • Underserved
  • Regulation    

Law and Legal System: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Equal treatment
  • Preserving order
  • Law enforcement
  • Race relations
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • Police hiring, training , regulating

Medicine: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Transition to digital  and electronic records
  • Medical management
  • New Devices and Practices
  • Financing

Military: a sampling of likely CARE sectors

  • Defining missions
  • Mobilizing for missions
  • Coordinating with governments
  • Recruiting and training
  • Budgeting
  • New weapons and tactics

Non-profits and Voluntary Organizations


  • Political  parties
  • Charities