Stage 0.5   Rating and Prioritizing CARES

Different players and stakeholders = different priorities

It is probably important to allow different members to articulate their priorities early in the process if there are opportunities to do this.

Make Your Own CARE List

Make your own list of the major concerns that relate to your client.  
Do your concerns match those of key stakeholders? 

Are concerns of  various stakeholders compatible with one another? 

Are there concerns that can be combined or worked on simultaneously? (Note that there is usually overlap among concerns of different stakeholders and between content, process, and structure.) 

Once you have made such a list, can you then find ways of prioritizing for yourself? A greater challenge is to find ways the client system can reach consensus on sensible actionable priorities.  

The special cares of change agents

Change agents as a special class of people are likely to have certain concerns that are somewhat different from other actors in the system. Above all, for the change agent, openness to change and caring about change are prominent and continuing concerns. Furthermore, each stage of the change process, C-R-E-A-T-E-R, represents an important capacity that a system should have and therefore a legitimate concern and change goal for the change agent. Here is another starter list: