Stage 0.2   How Widely is Concern Felt?

Who cares? Is the entire system riled up?

A concern may be felt by just one member of a system and still be a legitimate basis for system-changing action. Obviously, the large the system and the more members, the more important it is to have widespread acknowledgement or acceptance that something needs to be done.
If the change agent senses at the outset that not enough people really feel the pain or are even aware of the need, then the first task may be to get members to become more aware.

Three complicating factors should be noted:

  1. Your pain and my pain may not be about the same thing. Even though both are energizers, the actors may find themselves at cross purposes, and the energy required to invest in one sort of change. May drain away the energy required for the other.

  2. Concerns may be in direct conflict with one another. Hey may effectively cancel each other out.  Here the main change agent concern may be to resolve the conflict and bring more order and calm into the system.

  3. The concern or caring is primarily driven by the leader or by outside  powers, in effect, mandated change.  It is also characterized in The Guide as "one step" change. The boss orders it and so it is done.  This is the way many people look at change, it's just that simple: it must be done, so do it. However in many situations, this one-step mandated "change" gvenerates all kinds of resentments and resistance at different levels, often hidden from the view of the initiators.