Stage 0.12  The "License" to Manage a Change Process

One way to approach the value question is to ask if anyone has what might be called the change agent "license." Clearly some people do: If you are called in by legitimate representatives of the client system to provide help or consultation of some kind, whether paid or voluntary, this provides you with a kind of moral cover: you are doing the bidding of your sponsor, whoever that might be. You have the sponsor’s permission.  End of story.

As we have framed the process in The Guide, however, the change agent who follows the C-R-E-A-T-E-R model will always be working collaboratively with various members of a client “system,” which may be defined differently at different stages of a change process. Thus, the originating sponsor who granted the initial license may have different objectives and values than other stakeholders who emerge along the way.  It may be that these different stakeholders may require their own licenses, their own acknowledgement that you have their permission to work with them or to proceed further through the total process.