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Stage 0.1: Whose CARE is it?

The stimulus for change can come from anywhere and apply to anything, but it all starts  with some precipitating event or action which makes someone believe that a change of some kind is needed. Yet, social systems are complicated, and what appears obvious and urgent to some may not appear so to others. Caring is certainly the engine of action. It is what brings the change agent into the picture in the first place.

We need to ask initially:
    Who is the intitiating source? 
    Who is the creater of this stimulus to action? 
    Is it their concern for themselves or for others?
    If it is a shared concern, How widely is it shared?

Is there self-interest involved as well as interest for others or for the system as a whole? If so, is this a troubling element or is it a positive element, an energy reinforcer?

For the change agent who is invited into the situation to "help," it will be important to judge where the concern is really coming from. For example, if it is the concern of the leader of the system, is the leader truly representing the system the way it is or is he or she reflecting more their own opinion or concern about where the system should go?

If the change agent, himself or herself, is also the leader, these questions need to be addressed to the self.