S-4: System Change Posture

​1. How does the client system feel about change in general.

  • Does the leadership and the membership view the possibility of improvement through change positively, passively, or negatively?

2. History of other successful changes over time

  • How often in the recent past has the system engaged in change efforts (of any kind)?
  • Have past change efforts been perceived as successful?
    • With positive outcomes for all members and levels of the system?

3. Anxiety level of system membership regarding changing the status quo

  • How do they respond to you initially?
  • Do they see you and accept you as a change agent?
  • Does this seem like a good thing?
  • Are you subjected to extensive or critical questioning about your role
    • And the need for you in that role?

4. Openness to new ideas:

  • from inside the system?
  • From the “top”
  • From  outsiders, “experts” etc.?


How to assess change posture:

  • Interviews at different levels
  • Examples in the record, on the walls, in trophy cases, milestone photos
  • The one thousandth widget in year X, etc.