The figure suggests five possible starting  points for a change agent.

Where you start from gives you special advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of at all times.

Change Agent-1: The “Boss”
Much of the change agent literature assumes that the CA is the boss, a person with leadership responsibility, power, and status.

Change Agent-2: Staff assignment
You are working for the boss who expects you to introduce or manage the change.
What exactly is your charge? Is it clear? Is it doable? Do you want to do it?
Do you agree with the boss on what is needed?

Change Agent-3: from below
You are in the system somewhere and you have no particular charge from the boss, but you think something is wrong and you would like to change it. In-system innovator, trouble maker, revolutionary

Change Agent-4: outside contractor- institutional base

Change Agent-5: independent outsider

  • under contract
  • foot-in-the-door

S-3: Starting Point

Where are you starting from?