S-2: System Health


  1. Extent of interconnectedness:
    • How often and how much do members talk to each other?
      • Meetings, lunches, informal gatherings, parties
    • Cooperate successfully to get the job done?
    • Know each other’s respective roles and accept these roles?
  2. Acceptance of existing leadership
  3. Acceptance of a shared group culture
  4. History of successful functioning over time
  5. Staff turnover in key positions
  6. Productivity: is it measured? how measured?

What you should ask yourself before getting involved

  • Is leadership aware of system health issues?
  • Is there anything can you do about system health issues?
  • Should you proceed with this change effort if you are confronting a system in very poor health? Is it a “go” or a “no go” situation. Is system health a consideration with respect to your particular change effort?
  • Are there any necessary preconditions before you can proceed with a change effort?  
    • Do you have an escape clause? A prenuptial agreement?
  • Are any of these system health issues matters that your change project can address?
    • Directly?
    • Indirectly?