Ronald Havelock

Ronald G. Havelock, Ph.D., ranks as one the true great authorities on the change process, having studied how it evolves (for better and for worse) in many different settings.  These include small business, education, government agencies, highway safety, medicine, agriculture, and international development.  In the design and content of this website, he is giving you the essentials of what he has learned over half a century of study across these many areas. His writings include Acceleration: The Forces Driving Human Progress, 2011,  "Guiding Change in Special Education" (with James Hamilton)  Corwin Press, 2004 The Change Agent's Guide to Innovation (with S. Zlotolow) 1995,  Solving Educational Problems: Innovation in Developing Countries (with A. M. Huberman),1978, and Training for Change Agents (with M. C. Havelock), 1973.​